Dr. Mary Reinsma, who completed the course, said of it,

"With clarity and simplicity this course draws on Peter’s widespread depth of knowledge giving one a full, rounded and unique understanding of Homoeopathy ."


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Daisy With Raindrops.Narrogin Homoeopathic College (formerly Australian Homoeopathic College) is a Post graduate college that teaches homoeopathy to health professionals.

This course has been designed for students and practitioners who would like to use Homoeopathy with proficiency without spending the time of doing another diploma or degree. Diplomas and degrees have been filled out so as to meet certain requirements. Hahnemann wrote the Organon with the idea that someone could practice Homoeopathy if they applied it, so all the essentials of Homoeopathy can actually be presented in a relatively short time. No prior Knowledge of Homoeopathy is necessary to do this course.

As a practitioner or student you already have or will have access to homoeopathic remedies but may not feel proficient in their use. This course is designed to give you the necessary information and guidance to become proficient in homoeopathic prescribing.

It can be completed in twelve months at eight hours a week.

The following eBook can be purchased on the Purchase page

"21st Century Homoeopathy" for AU$5.50.


It includes the following:

Sickness and Health, Six Phases, Making Remedies and Potencies, Acute and Chronic Disease, Taking the Acute Case, Acute Conditions, The Organon Summary, Intensity and Context, Polychrests and Miasmatic Nosodes, Miasms, Relationships and Depth of Remedies, Taking the Case, Placebo, Analysing the Case, Cancer, Never Well since, Nosodes, Tautopathy, Isopathy, Allergens, Prophylaxis, Antidoting, Choosing Correct Potency, Organotherapy, Drainage , Repertorising, Support the Patient, Continued Chronic Treatment, Homoeopathic Literature, Bach Flowers.


The seven required text books, are about $100.00

The course cost is $1750. Or an initial payment of $450.00 and then $200 for each of the next 7 lessons.

The following eBook can also be purchased on the Purchase page

"Understanding and Treating the PERSON with Cancer" for AU$7.70